Investor Roadmap

Our roadmap involves both business and technology development.  Presented here is a high level view of the business development side.  With regards to investors, we are interesting not just in financial investment but also knowledge and time -- the contribution of expertise is of great value.

If you are interested in contributing in one or more of these areas, please contact us!

Also, feel free to visit our Developer Roadmap.

Vertical Market Application Development

Vertical markets offer the opportunity to develop open source and commercial applications that are built on the HOPE architecture.  HOPE is a "horizontal market" product that can be utilized in any number of vertical markets.  We are actively seeking opportunities in this area and could use some help in building our network of business savvy people.

This involves:

  • Acquiring strategic partners
  • Identifying needs and proposing solutions
  • Architecture and implementation of those solutions
  • Sales and marketing of those solutions

Consulting Services

We intend to develop partner relationships with individuals and businesses that can provide domain-specific knowledge in developing vertical market applications.  This will also enhance our ability to meet the needs of custom business requirements in which HOPE can be an integral solution. 

Spinoff Technologies

There are several technologies that are integral to HOPE but can be spun off as separate viable entities in and of themselves:

  • Semantic database engine
  • Visualization components
  • Ontology integration tools
  • Semantic Web (RDF and OWL) tools