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Learn about HOPE from the coder's perspective:

Introduction to HOPE

This article introduces the core concepts, terminology and architecture of HOPE.

A HOPE Applet: APOD (Astonomy Picture of the Day) Website Scraper

Learn how to incorporate several receptors to create a website scraper application with data persistence and search capabilities.

A HOPE Game: Hunt the Wumpus

Games are often a good way of vetting an architecture, and this favorite, originally written by Gregory Yob in the early 1980's, makes for a fun and instructive example of a self-configuring semantic system.

Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing with HOPE

Explore creating process chains for analyzing RSS feed content and filtering that content with customizable filters.  Learn how membranes are used to contain sub-systems and control messaging between receptors.

A Semantic Database: Concept, Architecture, and Implementation

A semantic database naturally deals with semantic structures.  This article explores the need for a specialized "semantic" database, and why relational, graph, and NoSQL databases don't meet those needs.  An architecture and implementation, on top of a relational database, is discussed within the context of HOPE receptors and semantic structures.

The Semantic Database in Action

In this article, we demonstrate the semantic database by developing an RSS feed reader application that tracks displayed and visited feed items and lets us bookmark feed items, associate a one line note and category with the bookmarked feed item, and search for bookmarked feeds by category.  There is also an accompanying video demonstrating building up the application.

The Kitchen Sink

This fun article shows HOPE in action, processing technical feeds, displaying a weather radar image, displaying (and speaking) your horoscope, scraping the APOD website, and showing the wind conditions in your area.  Lots of little applets all put together with a docking UI so you can configure the layout as you like!