Please visit this page every month or so, as
new tutorials are always being added.

These tutorials are intended to be between 5 - 10 minute reads, introducing you to different concepts and features of HOPE.

Basic Receptors, Part I

Learn about basic receptors and how to configure them for simple operations.

Basic Receptors, Part II

Continuing our discussion of basic receptors and introducing the concept of membranes.

Simple Applets

We continue the tutorial by constructing useful applets, demonstrating how to build simple computational systems.  More core receptors are also introduced.

Thumbnail Creator and Carousel Viewer

A basic demonstration of a small receptor system that creates image thumbnails and allows you to view images in a carousel viewer as well as selected images in a larger image viewer.  This brings together several features discussed in the "Basic Receptors" tutorials.

Weather Service

In this tutorial, we will create a small receptor system that, given our zipcode, queries NOAA for the current weather conditions.  This tutorial will illustrate two different ways of managing messaging between receptors -- using membranes vs. configuring receptor signal I/O.